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Our Avani collection features faux tiger claws made from hand-cut gemstones. It is a sustainable take on the ancient Indian tradition of using tiger claws as talismans to impart the wearer with courage and valour.  We love the idea of keeping not so ecologically sustainable but very culturally relevant artefacts like tiger claw jewelry viable by translating them into ecologically sustainable materials - our claws are not plastic!

The collection is our take on cultural sustainability- we strongly are against hunting and the trophy jewelry featuring animal parts such as tiger claws which celebrated blood sport. However, we feel that not finding a way to ensure this not so happy past- which is also our heritage-  is remembered, or not making sustainable changes in the means of making tiger claw jewelry is a giant misstep. That is why our collection ‘Avani’ (named after the tigress and her cubs who were shot in cold blood  in Gujarat) is important to us. We want to keep the tiger claw pieces remembered lest we forget. We also want that remembrance to be in a manner that is positive and mindful and acknowledges the damage humans have done to nature And simultaneously human efforts towards a new culture of sustainability. 

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  • AVANI Faux Tiger Claw Sunburst Pendant (without chain)
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