1. THE ORGANIC February 2023 

Rebecca is Baka by Thainaz Meen

With holistic sustainability at its core, Baka is a slow-designed, contemporary, sustainable, ethically-handcrafted jewellery brand by Rhizome – India’s first multidisciplinary sustainability design studio also founded by Rebecca.

Baca jewelry

Moving from jewellery to furniture was merely a re-articulation of space that was porous. In the case of earrings, the ear became her ceiling and the shoulder her floor and Baka became India’s first completely sustainable jewellery brand.

 “Baka is loaded with whimsy and nostalgia. It is basically my name which my brother shortened to “Baka” as a toddler, and the name stuck since then. Baka is also a typical Gujarati slang word for “dear” which resonates with us since we are located in Ahmedabad,” founder Rebecca shares with us the story behind the name choice. Read More... 


2. LIFESTYLE August 25, 2020 

Time for Sustainable Jewellery by REDOWORLD


You don’t wake up one morning being a torchbearer of sustainability. You work towards it each day, through conscious effort, examining and accessing each of your actions and working towards how to better it with a thoughtful change, if need be. And in this process, you don’t necessarily have to do-away with things you love to do, things you’d love to have. It’s more about striking a balance and weighing needs over wants and wherever possible, picking up the healthier and a greener alternative Keeping that in mind, for all you jewelry lovers, today we bring to you a brand that’s been working towards mainstreaming sustainability into fashion by bringing to the table ethically handcrafted pieces of adornments that are an amalgamation of contemporary and timeless. 

Baka, an Indian jewelry brand by Rhizome—India's first multidisciplinary sustainability design studio—is all about exploring the beauty of slow fashion. Check out their awe inspiring collection, which is limited yet instantly fall-for-it kinds that most certainly pushes you to choose quality over quantity. Read More...

3. FASHION July 15, 2019

BAKA GOT ME HIGH !!! - Tanjul Sarkar


In last 2 years of my jewellery blogging, I came across many brands who are making a mark in the market by introducing various materials. Very recently I came across Baka Jewellery , India’s first holistically sustainable jewelry brand and I must admit, after a very long time, there is a certain element of emotion that personally got me attached to the pieces.  Not simply the jewel itself but the slow-design process, the contemporary aspect, everything that has been a part of its journey has touched me! 

For me jewellery is all about its fragility, elegance, design, comfort and utmost passion for materials and forms. From packaging to the end product, every bit of Baka Jewellery is a great example of sustainable fashion. I really enjoy coming across such brands who are working towards the future of our mother earth, who’re not just producing something so beautiful and sustainable but also finding a way to lead people towards the same goal. Looking at the present world scenario, it really upsets me how people behave irresponsibly towards nature, but I’m also happy to connect with people who are taking charge in their own ways. Read more...

4. ETHICAL FASHION October 8, 2018

 Festive Beginnings – Ft. Baka/Rebecca – Part 1 by Shilpa Viswesh

OCTOBER 8, 2018 

October for all Indians means only one thing! The most vibrant Quarter of the year is here! Every year I remember as a kid, the whole atmosphere at home and at school used to undergo a shift when October sets in and I realize the same excitement has transcended well into adulthood as well!

The most important part of festivities, after food of course is clothes! Festive shopping is the real deal and there can be no one who can say no to wearing cheerful and colorful clothes and jewelry on such joyous days! Read more...


Festive Beginnings – Ft. Baka/Rebecca – Part 2 by Shilpa Viswesh


Howdy! After a lovely break, some official travel, and some more personal travel I am back to conclude this two-part series where I explored sustainability in jewelry and design with a lovely designer Rebecca Reubens who owns and runs a minimalist accessories line called Baka. If you are coming here after reading my first post about this brand, thank you for sticking with us, if not, don’t forget to check it out here! Now let’s dive right in!

To give you a little recap, Baka is into making jewelry using sustainable and recycled precious and semi-precious metals and woods in a quaint interior design studio in Ahmedabad. They aim at consciously cutting down waste and mindfully thinking, re-thinking, and questioning every step in their procuring, manufacturing, packing, and disposing processes and they believe that IS the only way we can even dare to dream of sustainable living: Reimagining everything we do and believe in! Read more...


FauX Claws & Kites Designs, This Sustainable Jewellery Brand is Beauts! - Priyanka

What Makes It Awesome?
‘Baka’ is the result of a designer’s dream of working at the intersection of craft, design and sustainability. With love for fashion and jewellery at its core, ‘Baka’ works with recycled metal (brass, silver, gold, steel, aluminium, etc) and gemstones to create stunning designs that never fail to ‘wow’. Popular amidst their creations, is their ‘Avani’ collection with ‘faux tiger claws’. Animal claws have been used to create jewellery since time immemorial. But ‘Baka’ uses gemstones and pearls that are claw-shaped and produce a similar effect. The promise of sustainability remains intact and aesthetics get a whole new definition in jewellery designing. Read more...

6. FASHION April 30, 2019

 By Sonya Vajifdar

Last pair with @bakajewelry , this one is super wearable and is from their collection Garvi ! Baka is India's first holistically sustainable jewelry brand. We look at ecological, cultural, social, and economic aspects of sustainability. Baka Jewelry believe sustainability can be mainstreamed into fashion through good design, and that is exactly what they intend to deliver to you. Each of their pieces is meticulously crafted by hand using sustainable materials in a collaborative-design format.